Hospital Profitability Transformation Framework-Increase, Control and Enhance (ICE)

Writing a book is harder than I thought but more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. None of this
would have been possible without the collaboration of my best friends, my Daughters, Christine Kawira
Mung’atia and Kesley Makena Mung’atia.

They have stood by me during every struggle and all my successes. That is true friendship and a confirmation that blood is thicker than water.

Incredibly special thanks to Mr. Momin who believed in my qualifications and experience and hired me as a senior Manager at Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa and
then allowed me to manage many departments and projects within the hospital. Thank you for introducing
me to healthcare senior leadership and culture.

Writing a book about the hospital transformation and profitability is a surreal process. I’m forever indebted to
Mr. Irfan Khan for his selfless transfer of knowledge. His help, keen insight, and ongoing support in bringing the ICE Concept to life is incredible. It is because of his efforts and encouragement that I have a legacy to pass on to the future healthcare leaders in Kenya.

To my family. My mother, Agnes Kathambi: for always being the person I could turn to for Prayers during a dark and desperate year afflicted Covid-19 Pandemic. She sustained me in ways that I never knew that I needed.

In the next few days, i will be running my readers through the concepts covered in this book in a series of ICE-Hospital profitability Transformation Framework.

Enjoy the Series and leave your comments and reviews as we share along.

Published by Aquinius Mung'atia

Aquinius Mung’atia is the Head of Projects at Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa, and was previously the General Manager of Muthaiga Golf Club and Sigona Golf Clubs, respectively. He is an expert in Strategic Management with over 20 years of experience in both hospitality and healthcare Industry. My Career path boast of extensive training and consultancy experience in Hospitality Industry, Hospital Support Services and Operations, Healthcare Projects and Facility Management, among others. The author is currently a PhD student in Business Administration and holder of MBA in strategic Management (University of Nairobi) and a 1st class honors degree in Hotel and Institution Management (Maseno University) Aquinius is also a healthcare insight and a data analytic enthusiast. Follow him on or Facebook Page

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