Increase, Control & Enhance: Hospital Profitability Transformation Framework.

Grab your copy now🔥🔥 Increase, Control and Enhance (ICE). The Hospital Pofitability Transformation Framework In this book, the author starts by introducing the reader to healthcare sector, hospital operations management, hospital business Models and walks the reader through the step-by-step description of ICE Profitability Transformation Framework. The book shares the real elements of hospital’s profitabilityContinue reading “Increase, Control & Enhance: Hospital Profitability Transformation Framework.”

Festive Season Wishes

Me, myself and I (hereinafter referred to as the “wisher” and where the context so admit include my personal representatives and/or assignees) wish to, in a special way, convey my season’s greetings to you the recipient (hereinafter referred to as the “wishee” and where the context so admit includes personal representatives and/or assignees). The wisher’sContinue reading “Festive Season Wishes”