ICE Series 2: The New Framework for Hospital Profitability Transformation.

In a bid to aid operational Managers in achieving the balance between the social and financial outcome, strategy, and operations, a simpler business transformation concept has been proposed for hospitals and a framework developed. This is a business framework that hinges on Increasing Revenue, Controlling Cost and Enhancing Value, referred to as ICE Framework. TheContinue reading “ICE Series 2: The New Framework for Hospital Profitability Transformation.”

Conceptualizing the Healthcare Business Model and Management

THE INCREASING FOCUS ON THE COSTS OF CARE IS FORCING HEALTH CARE organizations to critically look at their basic set of processes and activities, to determine what type of value they can deliver. The basic healthcare business model is a doctor treating a patient. A more detailed business model, on the other hand, describes theContinue reading “Conceptualizing the Healthcare Business Model and Management”