About SI

Do you want to know the SECRET behind the ability that Significant Insights-SI have to instantly “grasp” the most important issues about a company or industry? Well, the secret is simple: top management Insight developers have mastered the use of profitability transformation frameworks to understand business problems. Seriously, that’s a big part of it. Why? Well, because profit problems are theContinue reading “About SI”

From Rules to Playbook: Reinforcing Staff Behavior in Workplace.

What are the best ways to motivate employees and increase productivity? This is a crucial question for just about anyone in a workplace leadership role. And, while leadership experts may agree with Aubrey Daniels that “positive reinforcement is the most powerful leadership tool” (Daniels, 1982), managers often find themselves overwhelmed by the multitude of factorsContinue reading “From Rules to Playbook: Reinforcing Staff Behavior in Workplace.”