ICE Series 2: The New Framework for Hospital Profitability Transformation.

In a bid to aid operational Managers in achieving the balance between the social and financial outcome, strategy, and operations, a simpler business transformation concept has been proposed for hospitals and a framework developed. This is a business framework that hinges on Increasing Revenue, Controlling Cost and Enhancing Value, referred to as ICE Framework. TheContinue reading “ICE Series 2: The New Framework for Hospital Profitability Transformation.”

About SI

Do you want to know the SECRET behind the ability that Significant Insights-SI have to instantly “grasp” the most important issues about a company or industry? Well, the secret is simple: top management Insight developers have mastered the use of profitability transformation frameworks to understand business problems. Seriously, that’s a big part of it. Why? Well, because profit problems are theContinue reading “About SI”