Conceptualizing the Healthcare Business Model and Management

THE INCREASING FOCUS ON THE COSTS OF CARE IS FORCING HEALTH CARE organizations to critically look at their basic set of processes and activities, to determine what type of value they can deliver. The basic healthcare business model is a doctor treating a patient. A more detailed business model, on the other hand, describes theContinue reading “Conceptualizing the Healthcare Business Model and Management”

Raising the bar for interoperability in Healthcare: The Covid-19 Influence.

Interoperability means the ability of health information systems to work together within and across organizational boundaries in order to advance the effective delivery of healthcare for individuals and communities. No one who delivers healthcare hasn’t been affected in many ways by the events of 2020. Not only have we been impacted by the pandemic, butContinue reading “Raising the bar for interoperability in Healthcare: The Covid-19 Influence.”