The New-Strategy Conundrum

From a strategic point of view, new markets are like science fiction’s wormholes, where conventional rules of time and space do not apply. In new markets the questions that typically define a company’s strategy—where to play and how to win—have no easy answers.  That is why i have activated my young age dream to offer significant Insights in business and strategy…………………….Beyond Generations

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Hospitality Industry Service excellence: Lessons from Lyrics of the song……..Cheers

Song Lyrics
Wouldn’t you like to get away? 
Sometimes you want to go 
Where everybody knows your name, 

and they’re always glad you came. 
You wanna be where you can see, 
our troubles are all the same 
You wanna be where everybody knows 
Your name. 

You wanna go where people know, 
people are all the same, 
You wanna go where everybody knows 
your name.